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5 Photos that Prove You Don’t Need a DSLR to Take Great Travel Photos

When it comes to selecting a camera, you’ve got a few options ranging from a point a shoot style (mostly replaced by phones these days) all the way up to the top DSLR. Many may feel that to get a great shot a DSLR is required, but they can be expensive and bulky and often require you to carry them, and their accessories, in their own bag.  I’ve found that if my camera doesn’t fit

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Better instagram feed

How to Improve Your Instagram Feed

An attractive and striking Instagram feed is essential to the success of your Instagram account. If you’re wondering how to improve your Instagram feed, it requires focussing on a number of key elements. We’ll guide you through taking photos for Instagram, the key elements of an attractive feed and most of all, how to enjoy Instagram whilst building your account.

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The 3 Best Tips to Take Awesome Travel Photos

Steph FigPope Steph FigPope is a US based travel and adventure photographer. She is currently on an adventure of her own having moved across the country to further pursue her photography. Today she is giving us her top tips to help you take the best travel photos possible.

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