Gibson's Steps

10 Must See Stops on the Great Ocean Road Drive

The Great Ocean Road Drive is one of the most beautiful and iconic road trips in Australia. Located in south west Victoria this coastal route can be enjoyed all year round. The Great Ocean Road self drive will allow you to choose your own timings, stops. It is a superior to enjoy all of those must see stops on the Great Ocean Road. There are many Great Ocean Road Attractions. Our 10 must see stops on the Great Ocean Road will have you wanting to take it slow and spend plenty of time at each stop.   Our Great Ocean Road Itinerary will help you to

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Queenscliff Ferry

Queenscliff to Sorrento Ferry: A Unique Day Out

The Queenscliff to Sorrento ferry (and vice versa) is a Melbourne institution. Traditionally a quick way to get across the bay, the ferry is also a day out in it’s own right. SeaRoad Ferries now offer a whole host of fun experiences that can be enjoyed on either the Queenscliff Ferry or Sorrento Ferry depending on what best suits you. We live a little closer to Queenscliff, so opted to depart from Queenscliff and head across to Sorrento for a day of fun at the Enchanted Adventure garden. The package allows for 2 adults, 2 children and a return journey on the ferry, which

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Beautiful Marysville: a relaxing weekend escape from Melbourne

At the edge of the Yarra Valley and the gateway to Victoria’s Alpine region lies Marysville Victoria. It one of the prettiest townships that you can visit from Melbourne. Getting there involves one of the most scenic drives from Melbourne through the iconic Black Spur. At around one and a half hours north west of the city, it’s perfect for a relaxing weekend escape from Melbourne.

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Australia driving

Driving in Australia: What you Need to Know as a Tourist

Driving in Australia is one the best ways of getting around. We’re a nation of vast and varied beauty. Whilst our cities and vibrant and entertaining, a real Aussie experience requires a road trip, even if only for a day. Whether you want to travel around Australia by car or ditch the tour bus and head out on your own, having a car gives you so much more freedom to explore at your own pace. Like any country, Australian has its own nuances and rules, so here are some handy tips to ensure your can focus on the journey and

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Australian outback

Fly or Drive: How to see the Best of Australia

Unlike most countries in the world, Aussies drive on the left. Unlike the UK, which is full of tricky round abouts, most large intersections in Australia operate using a traffic light system, which can make it a little less confusing.  When driving in Australia, you do need to ensure that you are correctly licensed and that you are aware of the road rules. Some basic rules are you need to stay under 0.05 blood alcohol, 0.00 if you are a new driver and on P plates (the first 3 years of driving) and to be aware of the speed limit.

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