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We’ve always had a love of travel. Pete moved to Melbourne from Perth in 2013 and when he met Laura in 2014 it wasn’t long before we were packing our bags and heading to the UK.

Our British ancestry lead us on a journey of adventure and family – meeting new relatives and visiting that places in the stories our families had told.

Below you’ll find travel stories, destination information, itineraries from the places we’ve been lucky enough to visit and live in.

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Singapore Gardens by the Bay


Immerse yourself in local culture, trek snow capped peaks or simply plonk yourself on the beach. Asia’s bustling cities, lush rainforests and expansive beaches are calling.

Sydney opera house sunset


Expansive and beautiful, From tropical reefs of Queensland to the sandy outback.  Sip a coffee in Melbourne or get off the beaten path and explore. Australia is diverse, beautiful and oh so inviting.

Tower Bridge London


Regal and ancient , from the hustle and bustle of its cities to quaint villages nestled in the hills, Great Britain is a land with many stories to tell.

Parc Guell Barcelona


Castles, cafes and culture – Europe has them all. From regal palaces to cities you’ll love to wander, the magic of Europe simply must be experienced first hand.

NZ south island


A true ‘slice of heaven’ – New Zealand will simply take your breath away. Whether you love to ski or just simply be stunned by the wonder of nature, prepare to be awestruck.



Richly diverse and incredibly beautiful, with an abundance of delicious food, natural wonders and beauty: prepare to see South America a little off the beaten track.

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