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We’re not digital nomads, we’re weekend warriors searching for the beauty in the world around us. We love the freedom of the open road, creating moments, finding new places to visit and treasuring our favourite spots.

We have an innate sense of adventure. Some love the possibilities of roaming far and wide whilst others relish the comfort of being a stone’s throw from home. Whether you’re heading abroad on an epic trip or discovering the joy of exploring your own backyard – we are united by a common wanderlust.

We are a community of likeminded people. Each on our own unique journey, but with the same common spirit and desire – to see the world, to be brave, to say yes to adventure and to share it with kindred spirits.

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PASSPORT COLLECTIVE is a journal dedicated to inspiring your wanderlust and desire to explore the world – to being present in your adventures whether they be abroad or close to home. It’s about travel guides & inspiration, photography and finding the beauty in the world around us.


Night out in Geelong

The Best Places to Have a Night Out in Geelong

The beach and summer immediately come to mind when you think about things to do in Geelong. The promenade iconic pier and Geelong pubs like the Little Creatures Brewery are just two of many popular Geelong attractions. Geelong isn’t just a day trip destination however. Once the sun goes down,

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Murray River Kayaking

How to Have an Eco Adventure on The Murray

The Murray River, divides the states of Victoria and New South Wales and is a holiday destination close to Australians’ hearts. Just 3 hours from Melbourne, it has been long favoured as a weekend holiday spot, as well as a staple location for those who love to water ski, meander

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