Hua Hin

Spectacular Thailand: Hua Hin Your Next Thai Escape

The beauty of Hua Hin is that once you arrive in Bangkok, a secondary flight is not required to get to your destination. Located around 200km south of Bangkok, Hua Hin is most easily reached by private car (approx. $80 AUD one way), but is also serviced by rail. A much loved holiday destination of the royals, it lacks that touristy hustle and bustle that is present in much of Thailand’s beachside resorts, yet offers

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Singapore gardens

Essential Asia: 5 Must Have Singapore Experiences

The best of east meets west Singapore is interesting in that it offers the oriental charm of the east, with the comfort of the west. Flight times from Australia, mean it is accessible for a special long weekend away, or it can easily be added on to a trip to Europe or the Middle East by taking advantage of a stopover. It is a compact destination with many attractions to visit within Singapore city and the outerlying state. 

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Nepal: An Adventure Worth Travelling Solo For

I was looking for an adventure after a big break up. I felt the need to achieve something for myself, so when a TV show came on featuring Nepal, I firmly decided that is where I was going to go. All gung ho, I visited the travel agent that very day to book it in. I was going to hike the Annapurna circuit. It would involve quite a bit of training, but I was ice skating

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Solo Travel in Malaysia: A Spectacular Malaysian Escape

I didn’t intend to be a solo traveler. I wasn’t against going travelling alone, but it wasn’t on my radar at that time in my life. It was my second year into teaching and I was searching for some winter sun. I’ll admit I went on to the Air Asia website with the mindset of, ‘where is the cheapest place I can go for 10 days to escape the winter.’ It turns out it was Malaysia, which

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