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Beautiful Bridlington – A Yorkshire Gem

Bridlington – Yorkshire I’m a little biased as to the reasons that you should visit Bridlington. You see my grandma was born in this lovely seaside town, and we grew up hearing stories of how special it is. This was carried on by my mum who then went to visit during summer holidays as her grandparents still lived there. Before my grandma passed away earlier this year, she wrote me a letter asking me to visit.

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Sunday Strolls in East Sussex

Its been a while since I’ve written about us personally. We’ve both been busy enjoying the summer. Travelling to Spain and Portugal has meant that I have actually had a summer this year, and for Pete, a weekend by the beach was well needed. Back in the UK the weather hasn’t been all that bad. I’ve learnt to appreciate a 20 degree day and the comfort of hanging around in jeans and a t-shirt. 40 degree days and nights

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The Burning of the Clocks Festival

There is some debate over how one should prepare their cream tea (Devonshire Tea to us Aussies). We learnt this upon the arrival of Pete’s distant relative Sam, who is staying with us for a week to do some work experience at Pete’s work, and happens to be from the scone capital of England itself.​According to those from Devon the clotted cream should be spread on the scone first and then topped with the jam.

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The Bluebell Railway

According to my font of knowledge of all things British (my friend Gary), an anorak is someone who bird watches, or train spots, or does a bit of a nerdy hobby almost obsessively, generally requiring an anorak due to the weather conditions. Well this weekend, we found ourselves amongst the anoraks (in our anoraks) on the Bluebell Railway. ​A former rail route, the Bluebell rail line was closed down in the 60’s and then reopened

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A UK Christmas

Well Christmas has come and gone, and it has certainly beena busy one for us. We headed up to friends in Oxford for a traditional British Christmas day and I can honestly say turkey does taste better in winter! Since we were UK bound for the Christmas break, we thought that Wales would be a fabulous spot to visit. After careful deliberation, we selected a route and decided to focus our attention on the north

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Amazing Canada – Toronto & Niagara

Time has flown since my last post and we are rapidly heading into autumn. The days are noticeably cooler and long boots and jumpers are not out of place. Whilst we receive the odd ‘blue bird’ day, the clouds have firmly settled most days and its more a case of spotting a patch of blue, than it is of spotting a cloud. Rain is almost a given and with my hairdryer resting in electronics heaven

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