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Essential Tips for Couples Travelling Long Term

You’ve made your plans and you’re ready to hit the road. Chances are your spirits are high and you are excited about the opporunity to see the world together. You may be setting out on a nomadic lifestyle, an overseas working holiday, or being moved for work. Regardless of the

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weekend packing

5 Tips to get the Most out of a Weekend Citybreak

Weekend Citybreaks in Europe The concept of a weekend citybreak in Europe was an exciting and foreign one to us Aussies. At a stretch we may ‘long weekend’ in New Zealand or a Pacific Island, but it is near impossible to travel any further than Australia within the confines of

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Instagram photos

How to Take Instagram Worthy Photos

Danila Caputo Danila Caputo, also known as  @travellingdany is an Italian photographer. Her photos regularly receive over 1000 likes on Instagram. She has a particular interest in creative writing and American history, so it is no wonder the Americas feature heavily in her collection. Whether you’re inspiring to take better photos

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photography tips

The 3 Best Tips to Take Awesome Travel Photos

Steph FigPope Steph FigPope is a US based travel and adventure photographer. She is currently on an adventure of her own having moved across the country to further pursue her photography. Today she is giving us her top tips to help you take the best travel photos possible.

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travel in your 30s

Travelling with Top Deck in Your 30’s

Europe for one When it comes to exploring Europe, I’m not all that keen on the idea of driving around on my own on the wrong side of the road. I can’t even imagine how I’d tackle a roundabout without having a head on collision, so for me, its either

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Move to the UK: Alternatives to London

I’d always wanted to live in the UK. It was a strong yearning from a young age, and I felt that if I didn’t at least give it a go, then I’d always have a sense of disappointment. My mum is English, but other than that, I had never been

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