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Moving Abroad for a Year: 5 Essentials for your Suitcase

So you’re moving abroad for a year..or maybe more. There’s nothing quite like the anticipation of a big trip and this is certainly BIG! Moving overseas is an exciting adventure, filled with the opportunity to explore places, meet new people and have unique experiences that you just can’t have at

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phone photo

Take Fantastic Photos with OPPO

When it comes to travel, capturing your memories and experiences is an important business. Looking back on photos helps us to relive the memory and the good times, or even sometimes misadventures that took place! Deciding how to capture those memories is also serious business. Some of us enthusiasts have

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travel anxiety

Simple Tips to Manage Travel Anxiety

If you were to look on Instagram or Facebook any day of the week, you’d be bombarded with images of people travelling the world and having a ball. From families enjoying Disney, to couples on endless honeymoons and women backpacking around with out a care. Truth is, it is just

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travel woman

5 Signs you are Travel Weary

“​I’ll never be tired of travelling,” thought to myself a few years back as I embarked on a 2 year adventure abroad. I was going to take every moment to travel. I wouldn’t get tired of travel, I wouldn’t mind delays, it’d be all good. Cue 6 months into the

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city packing guide

Your Ultimate Weekend City Break Packing Guide

When it comes to weekending, travelling carry on only is the only way. Instead of spending money on unnecessary checked in luggage, loosing time at bag drop and then at the baggage carousel, travelling carry on only will have you through the airport and on your way, leaving you plenty

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Australian outback

Fly or Drive: How to see the Best of Australia

Unlike most countries in the world, Aussies drive on the left. Unlike the UK, which is full of tricky round abouts, most large intersections in Australia operate using a traffic light system, which can make it a little less confusing.  When driving in Australia, you do need to ensure that

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