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Gap Year Packing: 5 Essentials for Your Cabin Bag

A gap year (or two) is one of the best life experiences that you can have. It takes you out of your comfort zone and allows you to explore a new place. For those just starting out in life it is a great way to set the course for your life and help you evaluate what you really want to do. Conversely if you’re taking a mid career / mid life gap year, it’s a

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Moving Abroad for a Year: 5 Essentials for your Suitcase

So you’re moving abroad for a year..or maybe more. There’s nothing quite like the anticipation of a big trip. Moving abroad is certainly BIG! Moving overseas is an exciting adventure. It is filled with the opportunity to explore places, meet new people and have unique experiences that you just can’t have at home. Be prepared for your big move by packing smart with these long term travel essentials. DISCLOSURE: Some of the links in this post

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Australia driving

Driving in Australia: What you Need to Know as a Tourist

Driving in Australia is one the best ways of getting around. We’re a nation of vast and varied beauty. Whilst our cities and vibrant and entertaining, a real Aussie experience requires a road trip, even if only for a day. Whether you want to travel around Australia by car or ditch the tour bus and head out on your own, having a car gives you so much more freedom to explore at your own pace.

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travel anxiety

Simple Tips to Manage Travel Anxiety

If you were to look on Instagram or Facebook any day of the week, you’d be bombarded with images of people travelling the world and having a ball. From families enjoying Disney, to couples on endless honeymoons and women backpacking around with out a care. Truth is, it is just an image. Behind every one of these pictures is a worry of some type. Can I afford this trip? What if I’m stuck on my

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travel mates

4 Personality Traits to Avoid in a Travel Mate

When it comes to travel, solo travel is not for us all. It can be stressful, lonely and it means doing all of the planning and decision making on your own. For this reason, many of us look for a friend or even online for a travel mate, to enjoy our experiences. Travel can be stressful at times, and being in close proximity to a travel mate, for many hours a day, generally outside of

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travel woman

5 Signs you are Travel Weary

“I’ll never be tired of travelling,” thought to myself a few years back as I embarked on a 2 year adventure abroad. I was going to take every moment to travel. I wouldn’t get tired of travel, I wouldn’t mind delays, it’d be all good. Cue 6 months into the 2 years where I’d begun to catch every new bug the kids at school could give me, weekends were never down time and my holidays

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city packing guide

Your Ultimate Weekend City Break Packing Guide

When it comes to weekending, travelling carry on only is the only way. Instead of spending money on unnecessary checked in luggage, loosing time at bag drop and then at the baggage carousel, travelling carry on only will have you through the airport and on your way, leaving you plenty of time to enjoy your weekend exploration. When it comes to a weekend city break, you want to be able to have options to cater

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couple travel

How to Spend the Most Travel Days with your Partner

Whilst I don’t suggest that you teach to travel (unless perhaps its teaching English or the like), if you have a passion for teaching and a passion for travelling, then they certainly go hand in hand. With anywhere up to 15 weeks leave a year, it allows plenty of time to travel and explore. This is particularly useful if you are on an overseas working holiday and travel is a priority for you. Now don’t

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Australian outback

Fly or Drive: How to see the Best of Australia

Unlike most countries in the world, Aussies drive on the left. Unlike the UK, which is full of tricky round abouts, most large intersections in Australia operate using a traffic light system, which can make it a little less confusing.  When driving in Australia, you do need to ensure that you are correctly licensed and that you are aware of the road rules. Some basic rules are you need to stay under 0.05 blood alcohol,

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travel photo

5 Photos that Prove You Don’t Need a DSLR to Take Great Travel Photos

When it comes to selecting a camera, you’ve got a few options ranging from a point a shoot style (mostly replaced by phones these days) all the way up to the top DSLR. Many may feel that to get a great shot a DSLR is required, but they can be expensive and bulky and often require you to carry them, and their accessories, in their own bag.  I’ve found that if my camera doesn’t fit

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