Otway Fly Zipline and Cape Otway Treetop Walk : The Best Guide

Otway fly

The Otway fly is located in the Otways region of Victoria. It is around 2 hours west of Melbourne and the region encompasses parts of the Great Ocean Road.

The Great Otway national park region is known for its beautiful sub tropical rainforest, which makes it the perfect spot for the Cape Otway fly treetop adventures.

Combining a tree top zip lining course with a tree top walk, the attraction is one of the best things to do in the Otways. If you want to get up close to ancient forests, zip through the trees and enjoy a bird’s eye view, then this is the day trip for you. 

Best of all it’s easily reached from Melbourne and the Great Ocean Road!

How to get to the Otways

Cape Otway National Park and the Otway Fly zipline is around a 212km drive from the Melbourne CBD. It is a combination of highway and country driving. Aside from the final stretch, all of the roads are sealed. 

It is possible to get to the Otways using the regional VLine train or bus service. However this option is too time consuming for a day trip. Additionally it will not get you to the Otway Fly itself, as it is located in a rural area of the Otways region. The best way is via a road trip from Melbourne.

The roads in part are quite curvy and undulating. If you’re not familiar with driving in Australia, you may want to allow extra time to get there. It’s worth noting that the zip line tours depart promptly and will leave without you!

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Planning your journey to the Otway zipline

The Otway fly treetop walk and zipline is in a rural location. Mobile phone reception is unreliable. Consequently you should plan ahead and load your Google Map as you leave home. When you’re in the area there are signs to follow.

Please note that you will be driving on country roads so the signs are spaced out and you may doubt yourself and think you’ve missed a turn. The Otway zipline was significantly further off the main road than we initially expected!

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Great ocean road

Otway Treetop adventures makes a great stop on a Great Ocean Road itinerary

The Great Otway region spans from the coast to inland and is an easy little side trip when visiting the Great Ocean Road.

A Cape Otway, Great Ocean Road trip is incomplete without a little side trip inland to the Otway Fly. It’s just 20 minutes from Apollo Bay.


Otway tree top walk

What to expect from the Otway treetop walk

The Otway Fly comprises of two unique adventures. Firstly there is the Otway tree top walk. The Otway tree walk features a 600 metre long raised platform that soars 25 metres above the forest floor. To get to the walk, first take a stroll through the lush sub tropical forests that are unique to this area. 

The Otways are a microclimate in themselves. Cape Otway weather is unique in the number of rainy days they receive each year. This means that the forest is full of wonderful treasures such as lush tree ferns, tree fungi and fairy toadstools. The Otway national park treetop walk is special because it takes you from the forest floor all the way above the canopy.

The canopy walk is a comprises of a gentle track walk before you get to the tree top walk. The metal walking platforms are sturdily constructed to ensure that they remain firm in the wind, yet mesh like enough to allow you excellent viewing. 

From your vantage point you can peer down to the valley floor below and enjoy the vibrant green vegetation. You’ll marvel at the sheer height of the spindly trunked gums that soar well above the viewing platform. In places you even get close enough to reach out a hand and feel their stringy bark.

otway lookout tower

Soar above the Otway treetops

The pinnacle of the Otway fly walk is the 47 metre heigh viewing platform called the ‘spiral tower’ that soars right up into the canopy itself. Be prepared to climb some stairs as you ascend the spiral tower. 

The view once at the top is worth those burning thighs and one might even feel that they can see ‘forever’. If you’re brave enough to look down, you’ll really marvel at how tall these ancient gums rise from the forest floor. You’re certainly at the top of the Otways from this incredible lookout.

Otway Treetop walk cantilever

Cantilever over the Otways rainforest

If you are feeling brave, venture out on to the cantilever. It has a gentle sway when you walk. Perched out over Young’s Creek, it offers a panoramic view of the creek and surrounding forest. It’s a unique feature of the Otway skywalk 

The Otway fly treetop walk allows you to enjoy a huge range of vantage points within the forest. It’s very much worth making a detour from your Great Ocean Road itinerary to stop off here.

Don't forget the forest floor when exploring the Cape Otway tree walk

An essential part of the Otway tree top adventures isn’t the tree tops at all! The forest floor is just as spectacular as the canopy above. The walk makes its way through lush tree fern lined paths before making its way back to the visitor’s centre.

Mossy fallen trees and branches are a real feature in this area. It’s lush and green even in the summer. Look out for colourful mushrooms and other fungi growing.

All in all it takes around 1 hour to enjoy and covers a distance of 1.9km. Best of all, the Otway rainforest walk caters to people of varying mobility levels, with a shuttle available for those with a mobility impairment.

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zipline in Victoria

What to expect from the Otway Zipline

If you want to zip line in Australia, then the Cape Otway fly is really where you should do it. This unique and exhilarating zip line course operates amongst the trees. It has you flying from one cloud station to the next. 

Suspended around 30 metres from the forest floor, the zip line course will have you climbing, balancing and flying from tree to tree in this awesome 2 hour experience. You’ll be accompanied by 2 instructors and receive lots of assistance and training.  It’s a great way for kids and adults to have a breathtaking experience whilst being fully supported, if required.

If you’re game, why not lean back in your harness and really enjoy the ride. So long as you follow the safety instructions, you’re encouraged to let loose. In fact, the walkers below will really enjoy hearing you shout a ‘woohoo!’ as they peer up into the canopy.

The Otway forest park is the only zip line in Victoria and one of the most exciting ziplines in Australia.

It has been specifically designed in order to get the most out of the unique Otway tree top environment. Your zip lining admission also allows you to undertake the canopy walk either before or after your session.  It’s a great value day out. 

How to prepare for the Otway Fly treetop adventure

Otway Fly address and opening hours

The Otway Fly is located at 360 Phillips Track, Weeaproniah, Victoria 3237. The GPS reference is Beech Forest 3237. They are open every day except Christmas from 10am – 5pm. The last admission is 4pm.

Zip line adventures depart on time, so make sure you arrive 30 minutes early.

Otway Fly entry fees and pre-purchase tickets

The Otway ranges are an doable daytrip from Melbourne, however it’s not a drive that you want to take to discover that the zipline is booked out for the day. You must prebook!

There are two main ticket types that you can purchase.

1. The Otway Tree Top Walk : The Otway tree top walk price includes the walk without the zip line component. You have access to all areas of the walk except the zip line course.

BUY | Pre-purchase your Otway Fly Treetops Walk Entry Ticket here

2. Otway Fly Zip Line Tour: The Zip Line tour ticket includes the a guided zip line course as well as access to the tree top walk.

BUY | Pre-purchase your Zip Line Tickets here

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How much time to allow to properly experience the Otway Fly

Allow an hour for the walk and two and a half hours for the zipline course. Unless the weather is extreme (bush fire, lightning storm etc) the zip line tours will run. Phone reception is limited in the area so print your tickets or take a screen shot.

Age and height restrictions

The flying fox zip line is suitable for children 5 and above that are a minimim of 125cm tall. Children 13 and under must be accompanied by an adult. The maximum weight is 117kg including clothing. It is not recommended for pregnant women. The forest walk however is suitable for all, including those with accessibility requirements.

Cape Otway weather and what to wear

The microclimate in the Otways region mean that it often rains. Dress in warm layers. Wear quick drying fabrics if possible. You will be climbing through the forest, so wear clothes that are suitable for being active and can get a little dirty.

If you are only undertaking the canopy walk, the Otway forest floor is damp and the pathways gravel. The raised path requires flat shoes. Runners or hiking shoes are best. 

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What to explore in the Great Otway National Park Area

If you’re short on time, allow a full day at Cape Otway Fly and Treetop Walk. Colac is a lovely inland town to stop at along the way. There are great food choices and traditional ‘pub’ fare.

The Cape Otway Australia region encompasses over 1000 square kilometres and is home to a great range of experiences. The roads within the region often have slower speed limits, so allow a little extra time to get around. Allow 1-2 days is the ideal.

Top Attractions in the area are:

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cape otway koalas

Otways accommodation options

Cape Otway, Australia has a range of wonderful accommodation to suit all travel parties and budgets.

Some of our favourites are:

UNIQUE ACCOMMODATION | Book a night in the Cape Otway Light Statation Keeper’s Cottage

NEARBY OPTION | Shearwater Cottages, Cape Otway

COASTAL VIEWS | Chris’s Beacon Point Restaurant and Villas

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